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You can contact OT4OT in any of the following ways:

email any of the team:;    ;;;              ;                     

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we each have individual accounts and also have a Group page:

2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. I like the Idea of youre webblog to share knowledge about online technologie. I am writing about internet using and presetation of OT´s in germany, thats my bachelorthesis. Main results are the poor and unvalid information about OT practise. Mostly no quality standards are used. We must improve this fatal errors and use standards how are given, for example by the Health on the Net Foundation (HON).
    Another point is national and global netwoking:
    You make the rigth way! In europe we have a network initiative from OTscientists named ECOTROS (
    I found your blog on my research journey. Now I am watching your blog some times.
    Sebastian from Berlin

  2. Hi Sebastian, great to see you here and thanks for commenting on our blog. Good luck with your thesis – let us know how it goes.

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