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OT24Vx2012 planning underway!

This year World OT Day falls on a Saturday!  This presents a new and interesting challenge for us as we have not yet run the event on a weekend.  We have been wondering if it will help or hinder attendance to have OT24Vx on the weekend, somehow, I think it will help as participants will be able to log in and out at their leisure, not when they are between appointments.

We have started brainstorming our next theme and will reveal our final decision after our first planning meeting in early May.  The theme will again be broad and inclusive.  Susan and I have been trawling the AOTA conference for potential speakers and Susan will also be on the look out at the upcoming CAOT conference in June.  The UK duo Sarah and Angela will no doubt have the British conference covered and Merrolee will be down under searching for gems to share again this coming October.  We’d love to have speakers form Europe,Africa, Southern and Central America and Asia, so if you have a speaker suggestion or marketing idea please send us an email at

Looking forward to sharing the OT Spirit with you all again on World OT Day 2012.

All you need to know to get ready to participate in the OT24VX!

Hello Everyone,

In the not too distant future our schedule will be updated with links to each presenter’s virtual classroom, 24 in all.

Here you will find instructions for using Eluminate which is the virtual classroom computer software that we will use to run the OT24VX on 26th/27th October 2011. Please try a dry run and make sure everything works.

OT4OT Using Elluminate 2011- final[2]

Not too long to go now.  Please help us to spread the word and make the event a success for our global community of Occupational Therapists.