OT24Vx 2011 Schedule & Recordings


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Presenter(s) Topic


26-Oct-11 6:00pm Recording Presentation ONE Welcome by University of Salford Hosts Angela Hook and Sarah Bodell with OT studentsProfessor Martin Hall (VC University of Salford) Welcome to OT24VX 2011 Launch and Opening Address


26-Oct-11 7:00pm Recording Presentation TWO  Alice Hortop Funny Kind of Treatment: Laughter and humour in occupational therapy practice


26-Oct-11 8:00pm Presenters authorised release of audio only (coming soon) Frank Kronenberg & Dr. Elelwani Ramugondo  Shades of Black Works 


26-Oct-11 9:00pm Recording Presentation FOUR Dr. Charles Christiansen & Dr. Kathleen Matuska Life balance, resilience and occupational therapy


26-Oct-11 10:00pm Recording Presentation FIVE Claire Kelly, Rashni Grant, Genevieve Cyrs, Val Yip, & Harjas Chilana (U Boston)Doug Herasymuik (UBC) Indian Summer: Volunteer Experience in India at the Resource Center for People with DisabilitiesInternational fieldwork placements: Enhancing clinical reasoning via intercultural immersion in developing countries


26-Oct-11 11:00pm Recording Presentation SIX Karen Jacobs & Coralie Lennea Becoming a Political Animal: Being strategic for our profession


27-Oct-11 12:00am Recording Presentation Seven Lisa Iliadis From Tragedy to Triumph: A Tribute to Occupational Therapists


27-Oct-11 1:00am Recording Presentation EIGHT Tim Barlott, & Juan David Guevara El Enlace  – An international collaboration to address the needs of an under-­resourced community in Colombia using mobile phones


27-Oct-11 2:00am Recording Presentation NINE Judy Lee & Kathy Gillis Living Occupation


27-Oct-11 3:00am Recording Presentation TEN Christine Coop Small voices can be heard: The strategy that saved government funding for a mental health initiative in Australia


27-Oct-11 4:00am Recording Presentation 11 Lynne Zeldenryk Occupational insecurity in public health research: A personal and professional journey


27-Oct-11 5:00am Recording Presentation 12 Emma Ratcliffe, Ortal Shamay-Lamat and Shirley Tse Sau-Ling Occupational therapy services in two earthquake zones


27-Oct-11 6:00am Recording Presentation 13 Lin Guohui Development of occupational therapy in Mainland China. Opportunities and Challenges


27-Oct-11 7:00am Recording Presentation 14 Danielle Pauling From secrets hidden in shame to the tranquility of transparency: A mother’s journey with depression


27-Oct-11 8:00am Recording Presentation 15 Clarissa Adriel Displaced people: OT role amidst uprooted lives?


27-Oct-11 9:00am Recording Presentation 16 Dr. Gail Eva The illusion of patient-centred rehabilitation in palliative care.


27-Oct-11 10:00am Recording Presentation 17 Dr. Sheena Blair Our occupations can keep us safe: an exploration of the centrality of our occupational lives during life transitions


27-Oct-11 11:00am Recording Presentation 18 Claire Jones From the other side of the fence: Therapist to consumer


27-Oct-11 12:00pm Recording Presentation 19 Lisa Schubert Write to Read: An Evidence-Based Approach to Promoting Health Literacy in an Early Intervention System


27-Oct-11 1:00pm Recording Presentation 20 Linda Miller & Julie Dorsey Green Ergonomics


27-Oct-11 2:00pm Recording Presentation 21 Noomi Katz Participation in everyday life of adults following mild stroke


27-Oct-11 3:00pm  Recording Presentation 22 Stephanie Phan Occupational Therapy’s Role in Cancer Survivorship


27-Oct-11 4:00pm Recording Presentation 23 Rebecca Gewurtz & Sandra Toll Positioning Occupational Therapy as a Public Health Issue


27-Oct-11 5:00pm Recording Presentation 24 Karen Whalley Hammell

Exposing the Emperor. Meditations on credulity and occupational therapy


29 responses to “OT24Vx 2011 Schedule & Recordings

  1. Hi There, My name is Marnie Courage, I am an OT in Winnipeg, an Instructor at U of Manitoba and a public speaker for conferences and workshops. I have developed a unique Adapted Yoga video for people with mobility limitations and will be making it available for download on the website http://www.sitstandorwheel.com next month. You can read about me and my company on my main website http://www.enablingaccess.ca. I am very interested in promoting the use of technology in occupational therapy and in teaching OT’s how to use social media and other online tools to market their business and grow the profession of OT in Canada. I would be interested in sharing my story about how technology is making some of my programs more accessible to clients and how technology is helping me grow my practice. Please let me know if you are still looking for presenters or if I can help out in promoting the World OT day in anyway.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Marnie, I am sorry I didn’t see your message earlier! Although we have a fully booked program we still could lose speakers due to unforeseen circumstances. I will contact you directly to discuss! Thank you so much for offering!
      Cheers, Anita

  2. Hi, I saw a link to this page on my facebook account but it mysteriously vanished again and I couldn’t find it. I was hoping that there would be more information on here – what are the presentations: podcasts or videos or chatrooms? Also, I have a great interest in the use of online technology in OT and have created my own website – http://www.otstudent.info – to help me learn, remember and make connections, can I contact someone to find out how I can join in and get involved?

  3. Hi Tommy, again, I apologize for not finding your comment earlier! There will be much more information coming to this site very soon! Right now speakers are finalizing their abstracts. On this page we will upload a file for each speaker, detailing their topic and who they are.
    Your website is very creative!
    Cheers, Anita

  4. Hi. Unfortunately I will miss a lot of the online presentations on World OT Day because I’m working and will definitely be sleeping at some point! Would it be too much to ask for the videos, voice recordings and/or notes/slides to be made available on your website for viewing at a later date? Thank you so much for creating this wonderful resource. Cheers, Melissa

    • Hi Melissa, yes, it is a sad fact that we will all need to sleep and work at some stage during the event. We certainly will store the presentations and link them to this page after the event. Interestingly the presentations from last year are still being visited! I hope that you can join as many sessions as you can on the day, we’d love to see you in the virtual room.
      Cheers, Anita

  5. This is all looking so good. Congratulations on gathering great speakers for our 24 hours of fantastic OT sharing. Last year’s world OT Day virtual event was so exciting, I am really looking forward to this year as well. With all best wishes for yet another super event, Kit Sinclair Past President WFOT

    • Thanks Kit! We have been SO fortunate both years to have great speakers who are willing to “pay it forward” for the profession and for the people we serve. Looking forward to “seeing” you there this year!
      Susan Burwash for OT24Vx

  6. hi i’m Occupational therapist from Pakistan. how can I assess presentations from last year. Thanks

  7. Hi to OT4OT Team! I’m really looking forward to attend some sessions – it was a great event last year! This time we promote it among our OT students and conduct “paralell sessions” to the regular lectures to increase students participation in this exciting virtual day.
    Good luck for these 24 hours again!
    Petra Schwab, Vienna

    • Hi Petra, we are so excited about this year’s event too! It’s great that you and your students are able to participate with us, we hope that this inspires your students to think about how they will be able to use online technologies to connect with each other in the future!
      Cheers, Anita

  8. That sounds fantastic Petra – in New Zealand we are going to have some students coming in for the evening and joining staff and our OT colleagues in practice – just to listen in and talk amongst ourselves! It would be great to connect with you in Austria but perhaps the time difference won’t be quite right!

  9. Hi

    Just looked up this site after seeing it advertised in the BJOT, I look forward to tuning in to the presentations, glad that I will also be able to access the ones I will miss.

    Regards Anne

    • Hi Anne, we are so pleased that the PR mechanisms are working so well and lots of people are planning to attend the World OT day 24 Hour Virtual Exchange. We look forward to “seeing” you in some of the sessions.
      Cheers, Anita

  10. I just got information about this session from the university of british columbia, where i am studying to complete a masters degree online!! This is exciting, but I also have to sleep, study and work, so I will be visiting some sessions after the fact… I was hoping to see a little more on the topic of return to work and OT’s role in Occupational Rehablitation and Disability Management. I am doing some research on Return to Work during my day job… so maybe we can look at something for next year?

    • Hi Shannon, so glad you heard about the event. CAOT has also been sending out regular information about it by email 🙂
      Cheers, Anita

  11. great event… I am an OT from Germany…. but I have lived the last 15 years in Ireland. I am working with social circus (in collaboration with the Cirque du soleil) Are there any OTs out there, who have also experience in this area I would love to link and share 🙂

  12. Can we download any of these talks? I would love to listen to the Green Ergonomics talk but not at 5am!

    Jane, SitRight WorkWell, Christchurch, New Zealand

    • Hi Jane, yes! We are recording the sessions and will have a link to the recording for the sessions that presenters have given us permission to upload to the site. The links will be available in about 1 week (all things going well).
      Cheers, Anita

  13. Thank you OT4OT team for organizing this great event, I will certainly have a look at the presentations!
    I am a student of occupational therapy from Tallinn, Estonia and since I´ve had some practice with people who have hydrocephalus during my studies, I am writing my graduation paper on that topic.
    If anyone who has knowledge about any research or articles relevant to the topic happens to read this, I would be most grateful for any links or pointers.

    Thank you, Veronika

  14. Hi, ALL
    I’m from japan, Occupational Therapist. I’m interested in Chinese O.T. so good 🙂

  15. grey cells stimulation at its best! commendable job!
    sanchit, Occupational Therapist – INDIA

  16. Thanks all – we’ll be meeting to discuss this year’s event and plan for next year, so hope you will fill out the survey so we can capture your thoughts. See the link to the survey on the home page: ot4ot.com.
    Best regards,
    Susan Burwash

  17. Hi, i feel that i saw you visited my website thus i got here to return the want?.I’m trying to to find things to enhance my website!I assume its adequate to use some of your ideas!!

  18. My name is Kavitha and I am an Occupational Therapist from India currently pursuing my MSC in OT in Scotland. I just wanted to say that I loved to listen to the ” Indian Summer…” presentation by Claire Kelly and group. I am currently working on finding ways to improve the professional stance of OT in India. Would it be possible for me to present my views in this international platform?

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