Link to OT24Vx2011

Please visit the above link to see the schedule for last year’s event. The recordings are no longer available – however the schedule will still give you an idea of the diversity of our speakers for the event. Thanks

Link to OT24Vx2010

Please note that the recordings of the 2010 Virtual Exchange are no longer available – however the schedule will still give you an idea of the diversity of our speakers for the event. Thanks

3 responses to “Archives

  1. Hello. I was wanting to view the videos from this years ot24vxeand previous and found out that they aren’t on this website. What makes the removal of the videos necessary? Thanks for making these learning experiences possible.

    • Hi Luke, the recordings from previous years are removed when the host university can no longer store them for us. The two Universities who have hosted the event so far changed systems so we lost access to the recordings. As a zero budget operation we are extremely grateful for the support of the Universities involved; Otago Polytechnic, University of Boston, Salford University, University of the Sunshine Coast and Eastern Washington University. Although some people will be disappointed that they missed out on seeing presentations from the previous years, presentations have a “shelf-life”. The presenters will have moved their knowledge further and the presentations will no longer be current.
      This year’s recordings will be available soon and we hope to have them available for 12 months.
      Cheers, Anita

  2. Thanks for letting me know that. Have you heard about itune university? Perhaps if you store the lectures in the “cloud” you won’t have to have any university or server store the videos for you. I believe the service is free.

    Thanks for responding to my question.

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