OTWikiFlash was a mad idea drawn up in 2008 by the UK arm of the “OT On The Net” group (Will Wade, Claire Hayward, Sarah Bodell and Angela Hook). This was a group of like minded OTs  keen on getting OTs using web tools to share and spread information relating to the profession and help foster communication betweeen clinicans

The UK arm met fully for the first time in 2008 after their presentation at the UK College of Occupational Therapy Conference which was entirely made over the net with the help of some other essential worldwide collaborators. Somewhat excited after the talk we were wondering “What Next??!” and the OTWikiFlash was the first of the many ideas that came out from sitting on the conference floor. OTWikiFlash 08 and 09  was a great sucess and we are aiming to be bigger and better.

OT4OT was formed in 2010 and we therefore dedicated OTwikiflash10 to celebrating World Occupational Therapy Day, working in collaboration with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists and OT4OT.

The result? More accurate, relevant and internationally focused information on occupational therapy available on wikipedia.