OT4OT is a group of six occupational therapists from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States who are passionate about using online technology to advance entry level education, ongoing professional development, research, and practice.  As volunteers we coordinate and run activities for the overall benefit of our profession.


To freely share knowledge using online technologies to enable occupational therapy practitioners and assistants, educators and students to participate in vibrant and effective online communities that support the growth and development of occupational therapy practice, education & research, locally & globally.


This group came together through the power of online networking – which regular followers will know that that we are strong advocates for. Each of the group had been involved in online media for a while through blogging and Facebook etc. If we drew a sociogram representing the OT4OT team, there would be two hubs Merrolee Penman and Anita Hamilton- who first met at Australia/New Zealand fieldwork meetings. They each brought people they knew into the team, from Canada, the US and the UK. But Will Wade (UK OT) should have a special mention for linking Angela and Sarah with Merrolee in New Zealand. Through online collaboration we delivered a seminar to the COT conference in 2009 (still not having met face to face) and had a subsequent publication in BJOT together. Anita worked with Susan and met Karen Jacobs at the CAOT conference in 2010. Merrolee introduced Angela and Sarah to Anita who then linked in Susan and Karen and soon after this Anita suggested that we should put together a submission for a workshop to the WFOT Congress 2010.

To cut a longish story short, we were accepted and through a stroke of good fortune we found ourselves in Chile, at the first day of Congress and meeting face to face for the first time (unfortunately Susan was unable to attend – but she was there in spirit).